Witness for Wildlife: A Volunteer Citizen Naturalist Community

Witness For Wildlife program was developed by Patagonia, Inc. and  launched in 2009. This was its website.

Witness for Wildlife is a volunteer citizen naturalist community that helps to protect endangered animals and wildlife corridors. When I saw that their domain was available I immediately bought it and started adding content from their archived pages. I was a real fan of Witness for Wildlife when the site first appeared. The cause is just and important. I believe that this website should be available on the WWW. Most of the content is from the archived pages of the original site, but I have added additional content from other sources. Join the  cause to protect wildlife and their natural corridors.

Witness for Wildlife is dedicated to protecting our endangered wildlife corridors and migratory species. W4W has an active community of online and in the field citizen naturalists. By engaging naturalists to share stories and information, attending trips into wildlife corridors and learning how to protect valuable migratory habitats, you can make a difference.

Welcome to the first look at the brand new Witness for Wildlife (W4W) program which will fully debut in the Spring of 2010

Witness for Wildlife (W4W) is a citizen naturalist community dedicated to chronicling and protecting North America's wildlife corridors.

The public debut of the full program is set for later this Spring. At that time the site will include a host of features including:

  • Access to corridor and wildlife information, maps and stories via the Corridor Commons initiative
  • Sponsored conservation trips in wildlife corridors across North America
  • citizen naturalists generated wildlife corridor field observations, reports and stories
  • Training and grassroots networking opportunities and much more

Be one of the first to get involved and help protect wildlife and their corridors. Join the W4W Citizen Naturalist community today!

W4W is a program of Freedom to Roam which is a non-profit initiative that brings together people, organizations and businesses to enhance and protect wildlife corridors and landscape connectivity in North America.

What are Wildlife Corridors?

Wildlife corridors are pathways that allow regular travel, seasonal migration or population dispersal of different species. Without intact, healthy corridors, species are unable to migrate, move, find food, reproduce or effectively adapt to a warming planet, habitat fragmentation or human development. As corridors disappear, so do wildlife.

Become a Witness for Wildlife

"On a warming planet, corridors are wildlife's best hope for surviving through this century and that's why we need you to be a Witness for Wildlife."

Rick Ridgeway, VP of Environmental Initiatives, Patagonia & Founder, Freedom to Roam

  • "Help protect the future for wildlife by giving them the freedom to roam."
  • “4 million miles of roads across the US create perilous crossings for wildlife."
  • “Fences can be an impassable barrier to animal migration and movement.”
  • 'Wildlife friendly' fences are a win/win situation for people and animals."
  • “Be a Citizen Naturalist and learn first-hand how you can help protect wildlife."
  • "W4W needs you to become a storyteller for wildlife and corridors."
  • "Freedom to Roam partners with businesses to create solutions for wildlife."
  • "Wildlife corridors link together habitat giving wildlife the freedom to roam."

Are you a Corridor Champion?

Freedom to Roam is on the search for the most active and engaged W4W Citizen Naturalists across America. Do you love wildlife corridors? Are you active in wildlife conservation in your community? Are you a great storyteller? If so, maybe you have what it takes to become one of our elite FTR Corridor Champions.

What is the Corridor Commons?

The Corridor Commons is Freedom to Roam's program to map and document the diversity of wildlife movement across North American corridors, including maps and data on terrestrial, avian, freshwater and marine corridors, documented threats to their survival, inspiring stories of conservation in action and opportunities for grassroots engagement. Effective corridor conservation - whether local, regional, or continental scales - requires a solid foundation of the best-available science. Knowing which areas are important for the movement of animals across the land water and sky, how these areas may be affected by habitat fragmentation, climate change and other threats is the first step in developing collaborative conservation strategies that support people and wildlife alike. The Corridor Commons will provide this foundation by amassing these data to create a centralized resource for wildlife corridor information. In this manner, we can build a continental vision for corridor conservation to inspire individuals, organizations and businesses so that wildlife continue to have the freedom to roam far into the future.

News + Announcements


Welcome Ryan in Dillon, MT who is our 1000th registered citizen naturalist! The countdown is about to begin - one month to the launch of the full site. Stay tuned.




WOW! Nearly 500 new Citizen Naturalist joined the community today. Welcome to you all. We are eager to getting you all engaged. The full public site is under development and will be launched in May. Our Corridor Commons team is working hard with our conservation partners to identify corridors and we will be identifying opportunities to get you all out into a corridor near you to become a Witness for Wildlife.



It is so great to see all the new members of the W4W Citizen Naturalist community. Be sure and complete your full profile including a pic so we can see all the smiling faces that want to protect wildlife. The full W4W site is still underdevelopment for a few more weeks but we are excited to get you engaged before then. Be sure and check out our Facebook page and become a fan! www.facebook.com/freedomtoroam We post lots of interesting wildlife corridor info there. You can also follow us on Twitter @W4WCitNat



Welcome new members that found us through the latest Patagonia Environmental Newsletter. Be sure and check out Patagonia's site to find out more about how you can protect wildlife in a warming world.



Hello W4W Citizen Naturalists. We have just launched a "first look" version of the Witness for Wildlife website today to give the general public a sneak peek at the program. The full version of the new W4W site will be debuted to the world later this Spring. Many of the features have been tested with a small pilot of the program during the summer and fall of 2009 with our founding member Citizen Naturalists. Membership is now open to all wildlife loving members of the public that want to become a Witness for Wildlife.



Citizen Naturalist Training  "The Power of Storytelling"

As a Citizen Naturalist you will have access to training resources like this video training module, "The Power of Storytelling" Want to learn the elements of a compelling story?